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Ximena was born in October 26th 1982, in Mexico City.

Even though she started her professional life as a lawyer , she never abandoned her sensitive view of the world around her, neither her need to  express it through art.


This very instinct made her plunge into the wonderful world of photography.


She invaded her life with pictures, that filled her soul , letting her capture, express and create 

moments, so that they  would remain caught in history.

From her delicate eye, to her keen mind’s sensibility. 

She is a natural born photographer who seeks for the stories instead of images.

Ximena is a woman who decided to dedicate her life to create memories, transforming them into life metaphors, that will last forever.
Telling the stories that people treasure, and imagine.

A woman who decided to be free, to commit to herself and allow her not to work, but  to live by doing what she loves the most, what she dreams about and what she believes in.


As a result she has upscaled to become one of the most recognized wedding photographers in Mexico, not only for the supreme quality of her work, but for her creativity and most important, her human warmth to understand life. 


Media and press collaborations. Please find out more about Ximena Zermeño Photography & Video through our media kit.

We are always looking forward to connect with like-minded projects. 

Send us an email.


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