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How to choose your wedding makeup artist.

Every bride desires to look charming on her big day, and once you’ve selected your wedding photographer, your venue, and most necessarily your wedding dress, it’s time to ponder about finishing the final look, which is done by the artist of course.

In this article, we will give you incredible tips for finding the right makeup artist.


Consider sanitation and hygiene practices

With the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s essential now more than ever to be conscious of hygiene and sanitation when it comes to individual services like the application of makeup. You may expect that you could believe an expert to take 100% supervision and care in this field but I’ve been working in this field for a very long time and unluckily I’ve noticed some glaring things in the field and manufacturing over the years.

Poor sanitation practices in the application of makeup are things like no brush cleaning, double-dipping, blowing on brushes, reusing disposables things like beauty blenders with the help of hands and fingers as palettes, etc

Consider the products they use

Notice what kind of brands Makeup Artists are using. What you should look for is expert and professional brands and diversity of them. Choose a high quality full service. Probably an artist that has cosmetologist degree or specific knowledge on skincare etc. You don’t want a one-brand artist as it might express the look and the final touch with grace, but unfortunately, not everyone. You also probably don’t want mainly those brands which are drug stored as these will not carry on a full-day long wedding.

If cruelty-free, eco-friendly, sustainable, and continuous practices are essential for you, then this is probably something to assume as well.

There is very high quality all vegan and cruelty-free but all the makeup brands and if you are a green minded it's important that whats being put in your face is industry respected and pro-quality as well as the best care your your skin. Also consider using and recycling some continual disposables such as bamboo to decrease misuse and waste.

Choose a MUA that has knowledge in photography makeup.

Taking into consideration your pictures will avoid you looking as a clown in your wedding pics, a MUA who has experience setting makeup specially for photoshoots can be they key for looking flawless and radiant in real and in your pictures. It might sound a bit odd, but the camera sometimes can capture more than the eye, and only an expert can have the skills to make sure your makeup is perfect for the lens.

It is key to ask for a picture portfolio from the potential makeup artists before you choose The one artist that will make you look as a princess. Usually, every bride desires to look gorgeous and charming on her special day but this couldn’t be possible if you have gone through the wrong makeup artist.

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